Bubba’s Hot Rod Shop

Welcome to Bubbas Hot Rod Shop your one-stop shop in bike tire located in Miami Florida. Supported by We offer different condition of tires and wholesale tires in Miami. If you are in Miami Florida and you are looking for cheap tires in Miami, used tires Miami, and wholesales Miami we are here to provide and satisfied your bike tires needs including  accessories.


Our Service

If you are looking for a particular type of bike tires such as road bikes, mountain bikes, and urban bikes we have in stock for you. We always work according to your budget but rest assure that all of our tires are in best quality and service. We all have in stock by just calling us and set an appointment we will deliver your needs. Our expert technician will attain to your needs and pleasant to serve. We all have the devices and information to ensure your bike gets the care it deserves.  Home Renovation Miami & Our other services are:


  • Assemble of Bicycle
  • Tune-ups
  • Complete overhauls
  • Wheel repairs
  • Custom wheel building
  • Suspension Overhauls
  • Disk Brake Service

Furthermore, we also serve advice how to take care of the bike tire, know when the tire needs to change or other problem. We are also expert to assists what kind of tires a customer need. AC Install Boca Raton took care of our shop before the heat season struck! We are a bike tire expert and if you have any inquiry about the condition of your tires we can make a recommendation. 
For information visit our site to serve more and meet all your needs. Visit us NOW.

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